Fathers are the god-sent angels to protect their families! He is the one who works throughout the day without any break for the betterment of his beloved. Nonetheless, this man sacrifices his happiness, and desires for making his little world happy. When a man switches to fatherhood he also becomes a best friend, motivator, and many more for his kids. To appreciate their efforts, every year Father’s Day commemorates the third Sunday of June.

This day actually could be rephrased as not father’s day but A SUPERHERO’s day as no matter what, fathers always remain the first superheroes for their kids! His companionship, care, and guidance make kids live happy life. He sacrifices his personal interest to fulfill his little ones.

But sometimes this Superhero, in a way of bringing all the happiness to his family, even sacrifices the edge of his health while working. They aren’t able to take good care of themselves, in their continuous hustling life are unable to fulfill basic protein, calcium & and vitamin contents which in such increasing age is mandatory for his body as later it might cause many difficulties like common eyesight problems too big diseases like heart attack.

Adequate protein intake is important to support immune response. Chicken and eggs play a vital role in enriching the protein content of our body. The need of the hour is to build immunity because protein deficiencies can cause poor muscle functioning and lower energy levels resulting in a bigger impact on the quality of life.

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India is a highly protein-deficient country. The most common diet in the country includes carbs and fats while the protein levels of the same in each meal are ignored. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of protein is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. Eating egg and chicken a day contributes to 15-20% of proteins, vitamins and minerals required for the body. Additionally, they are rich in Vitamin D and amino acid that helps in muscle functioning and strengthening. Adequate protein consumption would mean that the stomach stays full for longer, leaving no scope for binge eating.

Hence it is our duly responsibility to take an oath promising to take care of our fathers for their well being and immortal presence, by ensuring to add foods like EGGS & CHICKEN regularly in their diet as they are very high in protein and nutrients and their daily intake can make sure that our fathers are physically and mentally well with no specific deficiency in their body.

Hence on this FATHERS’ day,EGIYOK wants every Indian to take an oath to take care of their father’s as well as their health by adding EGGS & CHICKEN to their regular diet for ensuring the life safety of the most precious ones in the world.