Food manufacturers have been given permission to make changes to recipes as a result of egg and poultry shortages

By Hannah Thompson

Food manufacturers in France have been authorized to make temporary changes to products that contain egg or poultry ingredients as bird flu sweeps through the country.

Manufacturers can apply for permission to change a recipe from the fraud and consumption office, the DGCCRF, which will give authorization for a maximum of three months, as long as the change does not put consumers in danger.

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The permission has been offered in case of manufacturers experience “provision tensions” of certain egg or poultry-based ingredients within the context of the growing bird flu epidemic. 

In a statement, the DGCCRF said: “The bird flu epidemic, which has been raging in France since November 2021, is affecting the supply of the food industry for the production of certain foodstuffs made from eggs or egg products, or poultry ingredients.”

The authorization will come with some conditions, however.

If the recipe change means that the terms “GMO-free”, “organically produced”, “raised without antibiotics”, “free-range” or “French origin” are no longer respected, this information will have to be “explicit” on the packaging by adding a label or by masking the relevant term.

Other changes can be highlighted with a simple “derog” label, meaning “dérogation (exception)”….click here to read the full news