Following the confirmation of bird flu in Kerala, poultry farms in Namakkal have been advised to strictly adhere to bio-safety norms to prevent an outbreak here.

Namakkal district is a major exporter of eggs to Kerala and approximately 1,100 poultry farms are functioning here. These farms produce 4.5 crore eggs a day. Of these, 1.25 crore eggs are sent to Kerala, 45 lakh eggs to the Noon Meal Scheme, 40 lakh eggs to Bengaluru, and the remaining eggs are sent to various parts of the State. Following the demand for eggs, the price of an egg is fixed at ₹5 in Namakkal.

Three days ago, an outbreak of bird flu was confirmed in Kerala, and around 1,500 ducks had died in the past one week there. So, the Kerala government decided to cull around 20,000 birds in a one-km radius of the outbreak spot.

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Following this, the Animal Husbandry Department alerted the poultry farms in Namakkal to take all precautionary measures.

Tamil Nadu Poultry Farmers Association president K. Singaraj said all the farms in the district were strictly following the bio-safety norms. All vehicles entering the farms were disinfected, and through WhatsApp groups, the farms were alerted in this regard. As they periodically heard the news about the outbreak of bird flu in various….click here to read the full news