Vijayawada:- The consumption of chicken has seen a significant drop in the past month on account of high poultry prices. The price of one kilogram chicken stood at an all-time high of 320 on Sunday, leading to a drop in sales.

Chicken traders across the city have been handling a severe shortage of live birds for the last three months due to a high mortality rate in the summer. Sudden strikes by poultry farmers opposing poor rearing charges have also had an impact on the price and availability of birds in the open market.

Local traders are importing birds from Karnataka, Telangana and parts of Rayalaseema following the strikes.

“The weekly demand of chicken in Vijayawada city is around 35 tonnes. Local production fell to eight tonnes and we are dependent on imports from neighbouring states. Transport cost is also badly impacting the price,”

said K Chiranjeevi, a key functionary at the AP Poultry Federation.

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Poultry traders estimate that the price of chicken may touch the 360 per kilogram mark in another 10 days if local production halts for one more week.

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