It’s an exciting day when your chicks arrive! You’ve probably been expecting them for a while and have hopefully made room for them. Mama hens keep their chicks warm and teach them how to live, and you’ll have to take on the role of Mama Hen for your chicks.

For the chicks, you’ll need a brooding space. Your brooder might be as basic as a cardboard box with a clip light above it, or it could be a fancy wooden box, or it could be something you buy.

Chicks must be kept warm at all times. They must be kept at 95 degrees Fahrenheit for the first week. After that, the temperature can be lowered by 5 degrees per week. A thermometer should be used to ensure that the proper temperature is maintained.

It is also necessary to keep chicks clean. Line the brooder with pine shavings and replace it at least once a day. If you’re using a cardboard box as a brooder, you may need to replace it everyday because the bedding and the brooder itself should be kept dry. Chicks will spill food and drink, as well as dirty the bedding. 

When your chicks arrive and are placed in their brooder, you should immediately dip their beaks into their water to give them their first sip. It’s critical that they have clean water at all times, so double-check that they haven’t spilled it or put bedding in it. 

Chicks who are happy and content move around, pecking at their food, drinking water, and making joyful pleased noises. They will make loud, demanding noises if they are too hot or cold, if their bedding is damp and unpleasant, or if they are otherwise upset.

Taking care of newborn chicks is similar to taking care of a baby of any species. It may be both taxing and gratifying at the same time. Enjoy seeing your newborn chicks develop and flourish!