There are several reasons to raise ducks, one of them is that they are entertaining to watch. Many individuals keep ducks for their eggs on a more practical basis. When looking for information on how to prepare duck eggs on the Internet, you’ll come across a lot of contradicting advice. Some individuals claim that eating duck eggs causes stomach problems, while others claim that the yolk of a duck egg is orange (never including images! ), that duck eggs have a “gamey” flavour, and that duck eggs are only good for baking. 

Let’s start with some facts:

  • Duck eggs are completely safe to eat.
  • Ducks lay bigger eggs than hens on average.
  • Duck eggs have more fat and protein than chicken eggs.

You will be disappointed if you cook a duck egg expecting it to look and taste like a large chicken egg. Duck eggs have a distinct feel than chicken eggs, leading to claims that they are “rubbery.” Duck eggs are richer because of their higher protein and fat content, which makes them ideal for baking, especially sweets.

The majority of the time, adapting to minor alterations in flavour and texture to meals you’ve always eaten takes some time. If you grew up eating store-bought white bread and then started baking your own whole wheat bread, it may take some time before you prefer the taste of whole wheat bread. Duck eggs are the same way.

To like duck eggs, you must first be willing to try them and then allow yourself some time to acclimate to them. If you’ve ever tasted the difference between really fresh chicken eggs and store-bought chicken eggs, you know how much difference there may be in taste.

The diet of the duck that laid your eggs has an impact on the flavour and colour of the egg. Depending on the season and if the duck is consuming more free range or bagged food, the yolk may be deeper and more orange in colour or lighter and more yellowish in hue.

If you want to raise ducks for egg production, we feature a particular hybrid called White Layer Ducks that is designed exclusively for this purpose. Khaki Campbell, Pekins, Blue Swedish, Runners, and Welsh Harlequins are pure breeds that we suggest.