The National Federation of Colombian Poultry Producers (Fenavi) presented an outstanding concept a few months ago: The Golden Line of Nutrition Counseling for the Elderly. They focus on giving free nutritional education about eggs and their products to this ignored sector of the population, with the support of the Colombian Association of Clinical Nutrition.

I’d like to point out that it strikes me as an excellent concept for various reasons. One for focusing on eggs, which I mention in this blog once again, because they are the ideal protein and are quite inexpensive.

The second reason is that it is a wonderful concept since Fenavi had the brilliant notion of focusing on a segment of the population that, while not as large in Colombia and other Latin American nations as it is in Europe, is increasing in Latin America. Furthermore, we seldom look after them. It’s a sector that’s often overlooked and far more susceptible, especially in these epidemic times.

To improve the well-being of our old is to improve our society and to be fair to those who have sacrificed so much for us. Using a product like eggs, which contain the protein that an elderly person may require in only a few grammes, is ideal.

Aside from the nutritious value, eggs provide benefits for elderly persons who already eat little – a single egg may feed them well – or for those who have dental or swallowing issues, as the cooked egg has a soft bite. It also provides a lot of adaptability because of all the different components that can be added to it, giving the diet a lot of variation.

Colombians consumed 252 eggs per person per year only five years ago, in 2016. According to Fenavi, they will close by 325 eggs per person this year, an increase of about 30%. Colombia, as you can see, is devoted to increasing egg consumption.

So, congrats to Fenavi from Colombia. May other nations follow in the footsteps of this project, which is worthy of replication for the benefit of others. And of the business.

What are your thoughts?