AHMEDABAD: What came first: the chicken or the egg? This question is passe. The latest conundrum is whether a chicken is an animal. The stalemate over this question continued on Wednesday during a hearing at the Gujarat high court on a public interest litigation objecting to slaughtering poultry birds at chicken shops instead of slaughterhouses.
Poultry traders and chicken shop owners are keeping their fingers crossed that the HC will hear their petitions and allow them to reopen their shops. The HC had ordered meat and poultry shops to be closed as violating rules and not maintaining hygiene standards.

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The civic bodies, mainly the Surat Municipal Corporation, shut several shops claiming that animals should be killed in slaughterhouses and not in shops. This was after two PILs in the HC demanded the implementation of various laws and the Supreme Court’s directions for the proper functioning of slaughterhouses.
The petitioner NGOs – Animal Welfare Foundation and Ahimsa Maha Sangh – sought strict implementation of the rules and protested the slaughter of chickens in shops.

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