Hubballi: If everything goes as planned, chicken waste will be used to make food for pets and stray animals.

Dr. Ravi Saligoudar, head of the HDMC veterinary department, stated that a Mangaluru-based company has approached him about setting up a rendering machine to convert poultry waste into pet food.

According to Arief Bawa of IITAZ Ventures, the plant is being built and will have a capacity of 20 tonnes per day. The special plant is being built on one and a half acres of land in the Dharwad industrial area; in a few weeks, the plant will be completed and ready for testing.

“We approached the HDMC and asked for their assistance in collecting poultry waste from shops in Hubballi-Dharwad. According to our survey, the average daily volume of poultry waste is around 12 tonnes, with weekend waste reaching 15 tonnes. We have specially designed waste collection vehicles that are completely leak proof”, he said.

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