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How To Boost Egg Production And Profit In Layer Farming

How To Boost Egg Production And Profit In Layer Farming 

The egg is one of the most significant sources of the human diet and a major pillar of the local food movement. As eggs are the cheapest source of protein, the poultry industry is growing rapidly in India.

There are the most common factors that decrease egg production. These include decreasing day length, improper nutrition, diseases that can result in lower profits for producers. However, now the modern industrial farms have taken the initiative to improve egg production and profitability in layer farming.

Factors that affect Egg Production

  • Improper Feed & Water
  • Egg production decreases when birds are not well fed and have an inefficient drinking system.
  • It happens only when feed is not palatable or when birds feel stress due to environmental factors, whether too hot or too cold. Therefore, it is necessary to provide high-quality feed and clean drinking water.

Biosecurity measures & lighting

  • For poultry houses, biosecurity measures and lighting is essential.
  • If Lights are off or get dimmer, chickens do not eat, resulting in low egg production. Therefore, you should check the lights regularly. A bird needs at least 14 hours of light in a day.
  • The Exposure of light is less than the minimum time required than it leads to a decrease in egg production.
  • If birds remain in light for too long, birds reach sexual maturity at an early stage and lay very small eggs


Efficiency is important at all stages in the food production chain. Companies are continuously working to improve laying efficiency as in 1988, layers were able to lay 310 eggs in 72 weeks, but now it is 320 eggs in the same period.

The feed is the key factor for layer efficiency. Much attention is paid to improving feed efficiency as feed represents around 60% to 70% of the total cost of egg production.


Seasonal stresses for extended periods of wind, heat, and cold can lower egg production even for a short duration.
Therefore, it is necessary to provide the hens with good feed, vitamin/electrolyte products in the drinking water, or any tonic types of products that help reduce stress.

Tips to increases egg production in layer:

Introduce birds to a new environment once or twice a week before laying.
You should increase the amount of feed in the diet of birds.
Ensure proper feeder design.
The feed should be formulated in such a way that it is rich in calcium and proteins.
You should follow strict biosecurity measures.


Egg production would be successful and profitable only when chickens are properly bred, fed and cared for. It will sustainably and economically increase the laying rates. In layer farming, a farmer should take care of good feed, lighting and drinking system for the birds. Resultantly, it will increase the egg production in the farm.

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