Many farms are currently facing the problem of Sudden death in poultry Broiler breeders & loose lammed birds in commercial Broiler & some farm liver discoloration still continues, if we closely observe we find the root cause of the Imbalance of DEB & micronutrients. The reason for this error may be:

a. High Mycotoxins raw materials which hamper micronutrients

b. Most of the vitamin premix stress on AD3 because of price competition, & customer demand is so inadequate amount of B complex what needs for requirements.

C. High viral stress especially currently LPAI exists in farms parallelly which demands more water-soluble vitamins to maintain metabolism.

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Apart from the respiratory & reproductive systems, visceral gout is the most common system

D. Imbalance DEB due to restricted raw materials used in Poultry Broiler breeders due to traditional practices like maize, soya, and DORB although the breed has been changed & if we compare genetic requirements more or less nowadays energy & protein requirements of almost all breeds are more or less the same only variation in some amino acids, now many of us noticed that due to high energy requirements space for DORB is missing due to this two effects happen-

a. High gut issue vent pasting in Poultry birds due to lack of insoluble fiber in feed.

b. Deficiency of potassium which imbalances DEB in feed.
Potassium not only helps in cellular immunity but is also vital for muscle contraction.

What we can do about this?-

1. Check Feed Biotin which is normally low in cereals, lammed loose birds, and liver discoloration, Biotin deficiency is one of the causes, also Biotin deficiency causes palpitations due to this heart attack.

2. potassium ion necessary for DEB maintains help in cellular immunity & muscle contraction, to maintain this potassium ion either DORB inclusion in feed must be increased by either inclusion of enzymes in feed or oil in the feed so that energy requirements of birds full fill simultaneously gap create for inclusion of DORB…….click here to read the full news