KOLKATA- Price of chicken and eggs – the cheapest source of animal protein – are again on an upswing with the price of dressed chicken hovering around Rs 280/kg and egg price touching Rs 7 a piece. The widening gap between demand and supply may cause a further spike, said trade insiders.

“Low production due to fluctuating weather, higher cost of chicken feed and medicines have led to a rise of both chicken and egg prices. Production has dropped drastically,”

said Madan Maity, general secretary of West Bengal Poultry Federation.

Prices of fish are still very high. The no-fishing period has just come to an end, but the supply is yet to swing back to normalcy. This has also led to higher consumption of chicken, pushing the price up.

“The wholesale prices of one box (seven crates or 210 eggs) was selling at Rs 1,000 a week ago, which has now zoomed up to Rs 1,300 a box. This has led to a sharp rise in egg price,”

said Lake Market retailer Satyajit Sinha Roy.

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Another reason is the exit of small poultry farms. The bird flu scare and resultant distress sale of chicken has also made the gap between demand and supply yawning.

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