01/6 The most expensive egg variations

One of the easiest and richest sources of naturally available protein, eggs are an essential part of almost every cuisine and among the most loved and affordable foods as well. A must-have in breakfast, they not just provide protein but are also a rich source of Calcium and Vitamin D. But, while chicken eggs are the most consumed ones, there are eggs from other birds too that are part of several cuisines and some of these are unbelievably expensive.

02/6 Gull Eggs

This British delicacy has such high demand, that the market can never suffice with the supply of gull eggs. These eggs are a rare commodity and are available for just 4 weeks a year, making them an expensive delicacy. These eggs taste the best when soft-boiled and are rich in flavors. A single egg costs up to 800 INR.

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03/6 Quail Eggs

These tiny little eggs are very versatile and can cost around Rs 400 per dozen. One can have them boiled, scrambled, poached, or can even pickled! Rich in iron, these eggs taste a little similar to the hen’s egg and get cooked in no time.

04/6 Emu Eggs

Yes! emu eggs are edible. These eggs are so huge that a single emu egg is equivalent to a dozen or around 15 hen eggs. Emu omelets are a delicacy and a single egg’s omelet can feed a large group of people. These eggs………Click here to read the full news