Iamus Technologies, an Irish start-up that designed a welfare monitoring robot that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, has been named as a finalist for the 2021 Future Food Asia Award.

“The 2021 Future Food Asia Award finals represent a massive opportunity for Iamus to raise our profile in the key Asia market. Iamus has already established a significant pipeline of customers in the region, including a trial commencing in Thailand later this year,” Shane Kiernan, CEO, Iambus Technologies, said in a statement.

“The opportunity to pitch at the Future Food Asia Award finals to an audience that can further expand access to potential customers and investors is a massive opportunity for us to continue to deliver on our mission.”

The company is one of 10 tech start-ups that have been invited to pitch their innovations to investors to investors, industry leaders, and sector experts at the 2021 Future Food Asia virtual conference that takes place June 7-11, 2021. One company will be awarded a US$100,000 prize.

Data-driven decisions on broiler production

The AI and autonomous solution constantly monitor key welfare and environmental variables in the chicken shed. This helps farmers make data-driven decisions that can help improve efficiency, sustainability, biosecurity and animal welfare.

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