Meat is a very important component of the food basket of India for ensuring the nutritional and nutrient security of the burgeoning population. About 71 % of the Indian population consumes meat and meat products. Ensuring the availability of safe meat to consumers in this vast country is a challenge that FSSAI is striving hard to address. Some of the issues related to meat food safety are spoilage, microbial contamination, chemical contamination, adulteration, improper storage, etc. Producing and processing meat in a hygienic environment is a prerequisite for quality meat production. There are several laboratories in the country that can evaluate the quality of the meat. But consumers must be aware of indicators of the freshness of meat so that they make the right decision while purchasing. Organoleptic features like color, smell and texture can give a primary indication of meat quality. Proper preservation of meat at low temperatures is critical for maintaining meat quality and slowing down spoilage changes. The Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has notified minimum standards for meat quality and is implementing the guidelines across India. However, awareness among the consumers is critical to encourage best practices among the producers. This document is prepared with the aim to educate consumers about safety issues in meat food and different methods of packaging and preservation of meat.….click here to read the full news