BHOPAL: Scientists at the Bhopal-based National Institute of High-Security Animal Diseases (NIHSAD) have succeeded in making a vaccine to protect birds from the bird flu virus. It is the country’s first indigenous vaccine for bird flu. To stop this virus spread, till now the vaccine is being imported.

Dr. Bhupendra Nath Tripathi, deputy director general, of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, came from Delhi on Monday, on the occasion of the ninth foundation day of NIHSD in Bhopal, and launched the vaccine here on Monday. NIHSD Bhopal Director Dr. VP Singh along with other scientists were also present on this occasion.

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NIHSAD is a premier institute in India for research on exotic and emerging pathogens of animals. During a discussion with the reporter, Dr. Tripathi said that bird flu -avian influenza subtype H9N2 kills the ability of millions of chickens and birds to lay eggs every year.

There are two types of virus H9N2. First low pathogenic virus and second high pathogenic virus. The vaccine will protect the chickens from the low pathogenic viruses.

Dr. Tripathi, the mortality rate in chickens with high pathogenic avian influenza is up to almost 100%. The vaccine formula prepared by the institute will be shared with private companies very soon, he said…….click here to read the full news