What a colorful joy! Filled with sprinkles, these Sicilian cuddles lay each nest ready for Easter! These traditional Italian Easter cookies are so much fun to make as they will be eating.


For Biscuits:

• ▢1 / 3 cup melted butter, 80g / 2.8oz

• 3 lightly beaten eggs, save 1 tbsp to drink

• ▢1 cup 200g sugar / 7oz

• ▢1.5 tsp vanilla essence

• ▢4 cups of plain flour / whole mass of flour 480g / 1+ extra pounds in place for spraying and folding pin

• ▢1.5 tsp baking powder

• ▢1 teaspoon of skim milk

• ▢Send salt


• ▢2 teaspoons or 100 and 1000’s

• 5 uncooked eggs, room temperature

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