According to Prerana Desai, Head of Analysis, the forecast for maize creation in the kharif season is favourable, notwithstanding a small decline in yields (Samunnati Agri Analysis).

Despite a dip in production in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra, she believes maize production would rise by 1.7 percent to 15.7 million tonnes this year.

She was giving a lecture on ‘Have corn dynamics changed in recent years’ at the CLFMA of India’s National Symposium on ‘Feeding the growing livestock population: Recent and Long-Term Challenges’ on September twenty five.

The price ranges of soyabean in the area, according to Unupom Kaushik, President of NCML (Nationwide Commodities Administration Solutions Limited), made it feasible to maintain the current momentum at 5,000 concentrations.

At the conference, he gave a talk titled “Market driving elements: Soybean and Soybean meal.”

Mrugank Paranjape, NCDEX e-Marketplaces Limited’s Running Director and Chief Executive Officer, gave a talk titled “Market Linkages: Derivatives, Place for Animal Feed Products.” 

He said that the diversion of raw materials (sorghum and maize) for human use and ethanol production was a major concern for the animal feed business. This would result in a scarcity of feed items on the market.

‘The Contours of Sustainable Animal Feed Market,’ said G Chandrashekhar, a renowned agri and commodities writer.