Chickens are vulnerable to high temperatures. High temperatures reduce the metabolism of the chicken, resulting in less egg production. Extremely hot days can potentially lead to an increase in mortality. A cooling system is required for high production rates and increased efficiency. Adequate good quality poultry farm exhaust fans are a vital component for ensuring the appropriate performance of any mechanical ventilation system. 

Megastar is India’s largest manufacturer and distributor of evaporative mostly based air coolers. Megastars has set up its own production units in Safidon, Haryana and Panipat, Haryana after being in the sector for nearly 15 years as a merchant and then joining the poultry industry two years ago. The delivery of all the manufactured equipment is PAN India. 

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Megastar developed a comprehensive range of coolers to address all of the issues caused by rising or unmanageable temperatures. We make very efficient and high-quality evaporative air coolers in a natural approach to address the issue while also delivering an eco-friendly and secure environment. The Air Coolers are specifically developed to produce a cooling environment within the firm location that is substantially cooler than the normal place where people live. As more air enters the space, the technology cools it. The new cool air entering the space through the open entryways and windows flushes out the stale sight-seeing. Industrial air coolers are classified into four types:

  • Ductable Air Cooler·        
  • Ducting Air Cooler      
  • Commercial Air Cooler   
  • Portable Air Cooler

The Air Cooler, also known as an Evaporative Air Cooler, is required to convert heated air into clearly cooled air that is not toxic to humans. It allows humans to maintain their body temperature while it rises due to business machinery, crowded environments, and so forth. It also allows for the generation of employee work performance Megastar Pvt. Ltd Products.

  • Industrial Air Cooler        
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Cooling Pads 
  • Accessories

INDUSTRIAL AIR COOLER is specifically designed to provide a cooling environment inside the business site where the temperature is significantly lower than the commonplace location where people dwell. When it’s far set in an open entryway or window, the air is drawn out and forced to pass through Cooling pads that are cooled with ordinary water. This technology cools the additional air as it enters the room. Through the open entryways and windows, the new cool air entering the space flushes out the stale sight-seeing. An industrial air cooler, also known as an evaporative air cooler, is required to convert warm air into natural ventilation that is safe for humans. It assists humans in maintaining their body temperature, which becomes excessively warm as a result of industrial equipment and packed surroundings. It also contributes to an increase in worker productivity.

EXHAUST FANS: are designed solely to remove warm air from a specific location. The location can be anywhere, such as a restroom, a poultry farm, or an industrial complex. These are mostly used in industries to keep workers safe from the hot air emitted by machinery. If workers suffer from heatstroke as a result of the warm air, it will eventually impede their productivity. As a result, exhaust fans are critical in the industrial sector. Megastar offers the MS 800, MS 1000, MS 1380, and MS 1530

COOLING PADS: (Green House Poultry Cooling Pad) Wet curtain/evaporative cooling pad It is made of one-of-a-kind paper in the shape of a honeycomb. The unique geographical design provides the greatest evaporation floor position for warm water and air exchange. The performance of a large evaporative location can reach up to 80%. Include no materials that could be hazardous to the environment. Poison-free, odourless, power-saving, environmentally friendly, and easy to install and remove. Because of its fine penetrability and water absorptivity, water silently moistens the entire cooling pad wall. Water film may form on the floor of the corrugated fibre paper’s largest evaporation floor, allowing the cooling pad to be self-wiped clean by being cleaned with water. Stainless steel, aluminium panels, and other materials come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The cooling pads are widely used as a medium of humidification and cooling and are widely used in commercial and agricultural industries such as textile, workshops, warehouses, stores, poultry farms, and so on.

ACCESSORIES: Megastar Coolers Pvt. Ltd. also provides many types of accessories that are utilised in the types of machinery such as Auto Swing, Auto Grill, Pre-Flier, Motor, Water Pump, and so on.