Phytochemical which is naturally available to us at a very low cost, But even though we don’t pay much attention, phytochemical sources are a rich source of antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, Some phytochemicals known to us or used in our tradition for long.

If we use these phytochemicals sensibly, we are using agp for regular and course which causes huge loss to us financially after some time. Due to the development of resistance in the form. Everyone knows this story from us, and most people also agree with it, but The main reason for not paying proper attention to it is either we do not want to know about it or maybe our nutrition science is underconfident in its farm application because it commercial marketing is less and negligible while there is a lot of research on this phytochemical. have more research references

But still, feed nutrition is being done according to the genetic manual guide which is good for reference but in field feed formulation or poultry nutrition total depends

  1. Type of Farming (Open and Close House)
  2. Local raw materials are very cheap and available according to the season

But the biggest problem of using them is to accept its importance, if we use these local resources with proper nutrition information, then we can make growth in performance, production, mortality control, and economic feed cost. But still, most of the feed formulation farmers and integrators of Protein, Energy Minerals, Vitamin Premix, and AGP do as per the genetic manual while other additives As probiotic, Prebiotics, and Phytochemicals still use psychologically.

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Presently during my travel in some states of India, I found that in old farms or new isolated farms, (50 to 60 km no field) a trend is being followed blindly monthly course in layer bird and in broiler from day one Anti mycoplasma medicine is being used instead of treating the root cause.

As a result knowingly or unknowingly every farmer and integrator is in the cycle of treatment and medicine.

The reality is this is the main reason for any respiratory disease other than farm management.

  1. Feed DEB is imbalanced, which acts on cellular immunity
  2. Other micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals normally change in feed requirements as the raw materials in the feed change, which are generally ignored because only protein and energy are added to feed formulations. materials are considered to result in a deficiency of these micronutrients leading to problems of metabolic diseases and immunity challenges.
  3. Feed Toxicity

(Generally, people worry about aflatoxin, when in reality apart from aflatoxin, four other toxins are also present in feed toxins which combined have more effect) , Which is directly related to immunity vaccination titer.

  1. Need to maintain ND and IB titer as weather changes or in trans phase which is directly related to mycoplasma and another respiratory disease, it has been observed
  2. Spray 12 hours after vaccination for 3 days after vaccination with ND and IB essential oils like Broncovest

It has a greater effect in increasing the titer of ND and Ib, and also reduces the respiratory gurgling sound effect in poultry birds that can be experienced in most farms after the Tor pe Lasota vaccine.

  1. Including chili in feed which has high antioxidant content, Vitamin A which is very useful for egg yolk color, works as a panacea in respiratory diseases like LPAI and HPAI.

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