A layer farm is where egg-laying birds are raised on a wide scale for egg development. It is best if you acquire some experience before beginning the layer farm. Through collaborating with some experienced farmers, you can do this, or you can also attend institutions where you can learn more about poultry farming.

Here’s your short guide on how to start layer farming.


Gain the most value out of your poultry business by selecting the correct type of birds for your farm. Choosing the right bird does not mean there is a wrong kind, but not every bird can make a lot of profit depending on your area. Much of the Indian people, for example, would prefer chicken eggs to Turkey or Duck eggs. Likewise, some individuals choose white eggs over brown eggs. You should go around and run a survey about which eggs are being sold at what price to determine which bird will be more profitable.

Furthermore, whether you would like to introduce already grown chickens to your farm or newborn chicks is also very important to remember. A lot of seasoned farmers agree that taking newborn chicks with them is good. The explanation for this is that the nutrition of your chickens will be your responsibility.

From day one, you should ensure that they have the proper diet and get the right vaccine. The healthier your birds are, the more profits your business can make.

Setting up the best location for your farm is indeed something you have to decide about in advance. Take into account the number and type of birds you want, the ideal environment, and then look for a location accordingly. For your layer farm, the preferred site will be the one that is a little further from the city but not too far away, as it would raise the cost of transportation.

Choose your location according to the type of farm you want. Several types of poultry layer farms are as follows:

  1. Battery Cage Poultry Farm
  2. Free Range Poultry Farm
  3. Semi Range Poultry Farm 
  4. Completely Wild Poultry Farm

A wild and free-range poultry farm requires a large piece of land, which means more cost. If you are starting and cannot afford a large piece of land, you can go with a Battery cage poultry farm. Compared to other farms, it requires less space per bird.


Everything rests on whether you have adequate funds or not. You have enough savings, well and good. If not, how to gather funds to sustain your business? You may have connections; family members, friends, relatives who would be willing to invest in your business, which is great! If not, you can also consider bank loans.

Various banks in India offer loans to poultry farmers. Some of these are SBI (State Bank of India), IDBI Bank, HDFC Bank, etc. There are multiple qualifying standards. For example, in some situations, you would need to have some experience in poultry farming, land, reasonable business plan, etc.

Moreover, many schemes and subsidies for poultry farming are provided by the Government of India, which can be of great benefit.

Read more about various loan schemes for your poultry layer farm here.


Your farm would also need the necessary types of equipment. Make sure you gather enough funds to buy all the equipment. There is a range of equipment available in the markets, such as feeders, waterers, cages, setters, hatchers, electric plants, egg trays, washers, brooders, and much more. Make the right choice.


Now it’s time for you to sell! Here you’ll learn how the poultry business is/can be one the most profitable businesses. Egg prices keep rising and dropping depending on the season-wise demand. You can opt for both online and offline means of marketing that would give you the most profit!

Sell your poultry products online without having to go to a middle man. In the poultry business, you don’t just sell eggs. You can sell chicken manure too. Keep yourself updated on the latest market prices, and you are good to go.
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