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Why bird flu spreads from the migration of birds

Why bird flu spreads from the migration of birds 

India’s poultry industry is frequently hit by bird flu every year, affecting the industry negatively. Bird flu comes into the picture by Influenza type A virus. Additionally, while there are many causes of the same, one of them is birds’ migration. Besides, only recently was the country in an emergency as the administration found many dead birds in different regions of the country. 

Effects of Bird Flu on Poultry Industry

Bird flu affects the poultry industry negatively, reducing the prices of the chickens in the market. Due to this, the producers and sellers face enormous losses. Essentially, bird flu strains lead to the death of birds and dampen the poultry industry. The disease affects the gut of the birds and tends to infect the same severely.

Migration May Be A Major Cause 

Birds migrate in large numbers every year from one place to another in search of essentials such as water, food, and shelter. However, migration has now become a significant factor in the spread of the flu. The disease arrives in the country in the winter months, i.e., when many birds migrate towards India.

Besides, various studies worldwide also point out that migratory birds are a significant cause of the spread of the H5N8, a sub-type of Influenza type A virus. 

Birds take the virus to the lands far away, which leads to the spread of the disease. Sometimes birds tend to carry the infection by shedding in their droplets. Even the excretion by the birds during the flight can be a source of the virus. 

Another sub-type of the virus, H5N1, also spreads within the country and between the countries. Different patterns point towards migratory birds as the primary source of the flu spread worldwide.

Bird Flu And Humans

Besides, bird flu could also be a danger to human life. While the cases of human infections by the virus are still shallow, one cannot entirely ignore it. It can cause respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia and various other problems, including sore throat, cold, fever, etc. 

The disease is life-threatening in the case of the birds. Since 2015-16, India has been hit several times by the disease, thereby leading to significant economic losses. Moreover, extensive deaths also cause troubles for thē farmers and people in the business.

Protection From The Disease

Vaccines provide relief to the poultry during the spread of the flu. Besides, the step has was suggested by the World Organisation of Animal Health. Additionally, it would also prevent the flu from spreading. 

Moreover, even humans need to protect themselves from the virus. Antiviral drugs tend to be an effective solution for minimizing the prospect of the spread of the virus.

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