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World Chicken Population

World Chicken Population 

Chicken is the most common and the most widely consumed meat all over the world. Chicken meats are readily available and a good source of protein. It also provides other nutrients that are necessary for proper body functioning. There are more chickens in the world than birds.

The population of chicken in the world:

According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, there are nearly 25 million chickens (2019) worldwide. Largest Chickens Producing Countries in the World

The list of countries with the highest volume of chicken production in million tonnes in 2020 are as follows:

  • United State (23 million tonnes)
  • China (20 million tonnes)
  • Brazil (19 million tonnes)
  • Russia (4 million tonnes)
  • Mexico (2.9 million tonnes)
  • India (2.70 million tonnes)
  • Argentina (2.6 million tonnes)
  • Colombia (2.4 million tonnes)
  • Poland (2.3 million tonnes)
  • France (2.12 million tonnes)
  • United Kingdom (2.10 million tonnes)
  • Malaysia (2.07 million tonnes)
  • Germany (2.05 million tonnes)
  • Iran (2 million tonnes)

Globally, two major types of chickens are farmed in the poultry industry. That is egg-laying hens (produces eggs) and the broiler chicken (especially raised for meat production).

Egg Production

In 2017, China produced the highest number of eggs accounting for 529 billion followed by the United states that produced about 106.7 billion eggs in the same year.

Broiler Meat production

The United States of America is the world’s largest broiler meat production, around 19.7 million tonnes in 2019.
China and Brazil came second and third in broiler meat production, around 12.65 million and 10.2 million tonnes, respectively.


Chicken is an excellent source of low cost, high quality poultry products. The industry is growing rapidly as the people now are more health conscious. People prefer to eat poultry products to boost their immunity.

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